Sub artesian and artesian bores to 1400m
Many other drilling services available, please enquire with details on your specific project


Rotary Rigs

1 x Portadrill 424 - Equipped for mud or air drilling to 500m. Presently set up for Water Well drilling.

Top Head Drive Rigs

2 x Bourne 500L - Multi-purpose rig, equipped for drilling Chip and HQ3 Coring to 600m.
1 x Revathi 650 - Indian built rig equipped for exploration drilling, Chip and HQ3 Coring to 850m.
1 x Bourne 2000 - Trailer mounted Rig, equipped for Gas Production or Deep Water bores to 1500m.

All necessary supplementary equipment, such as Compressors, Generators, Mud Systems, Site Huts, Tool Shacks, Fuel and Water Tankers, Pumps, Personnel Transport, BOP Equipment and all associated Safety Equipment.